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Oklahoma Sentence Modification Lawyer

Oklahoma law gives judges the power to modify a sentence under certain circumstances. There are a number of reasons why you might be interested in a modification. Keep in mind, not every case is eligible for a sentence modification - but your eligibility is something we can discuss together. 

If you are interested in shortening your sentence, reducing the fines, fees, and costs, or modifying the specific terms included in your judgment and sentence, give us a call.

Length of Probation

If you are interested in ending your sentence and/or probation early, you will need to do the following prior to asking for a modification:

1. Pay off your court costs, fines, fees, and restitution;

2. Complete all of your assessments, classes, community service, etc; 

3. Serve at least 50% of your sentence.

If you have already completed these requirements, contact Tankut Law, PLLC for a free case evaluation to determine if you are eligible for a sentence modification.  

Terms of Probation

If you are interested in changing one or more of the terms of your probation, we can help you. The most common modifications include transferring probation to another state, changing restrictions on who you are allowed to live with and where, as well as modifying reporting and supervision requirement.

Rule 8 Hearing: Reducing Fines, Fees, and Costs

Almost every probation in Oklahoma includes court costs, fines, fees, and sometimes restitution. If you are struggling to make all or some of these payments due to financial hardship, or you need to make adjustments to your payment plan, you might be eligible for a modification.

Free Case Review

If you are currently receiving government benefits such as SSI or SSDI and you have been ordered to pay court costs, or you would like to find out if you are a good candidate for modification, contact Tankut Law, PLLC by submitting a brief message to find out how we can help. 


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